A Vision

What began as deep seeded dream, a longing of the soul and a whim to host a vision board workshop became a miraculous reality.

On a cold, winters day in January just after the dawn of a new year, I sat with my journal and my favorite Spearamint Tea and pondered the idea of creating a workshop that engaged my collection of paddleboard clients to gather in the winter months and remind them of the connections we built out on the water the previous summer.

That winter, I had been listening to podcasts about manifesting your dreams and how you can attract your desires into your life. A Deepak Chopra podcast prompted me to create a vision board class to help call to the universe and define your heart’s desires. I had entertained the notion of the “Law of Attraction” and its power before. Choosing to use a vision board to help me decipher my inner purpose in the past had served me well in developing my connection to my soul. I wanted to share my experience with vision boarding with my Stand UP clients to help them connect with their authentic selves and how to live a life full of abundance and joy.

I reached out to a dear friend, Kelsey, who manages a yoga studio and asked her if she would be interested in co-hosting a meditation and mindful vision board workshop at her studio. She agreed to host and it set the idea into motion.

I immediately began to advertise the workshop and began collecting materials and magazines to supply to my paddleboard community. I was excited to share the magic of carving out your dreams and desires through this very cathartic exercise. I had big hopes for a good turnout but when sharing my idea with others, I met some resistance from some friends about my plan. I quickly became doubtful that I could host an event like this. My vulnerable side began to think that perhaps I was not equipped to host a workshop. Who am I to tell others how to achieve their dreams? I’m not a spiritual leader or a trained life coach. I tend to set lots of goals but have trouble with consistent follow through on projects. Maybe I was in over my head? Fear and doubt can sometimes be crippling and one off handed remark from a friend can sometimes send me into a spiral of self-doubt. I had even considered calling the yoga studio and canceling since the RSVP list seemed to trickle in rather than flowing in as I had hoped.

I grappled with the self doubt right up until the day of the event. I called upon a trusted advisor, a confidant and spiritual guide and told her that I was struggling with confidence to lead the workshop. She encouraged me to look within and find the true reason I wanted to host in the first place. My immediate response was “connection”. I worked hard the previous summer building my Stand UP paddleboard business and I wanted to connect again with the “tribe” of women I built that summer. She offered me the advice to meditate on each woman I wanted to join me that day. She advised me to energetically welcome them and send them love in my meditation so that when we were in the physical space of the studio, we were already connected.

She then asked me to state three women I looked up to in the world. I told her I admire Lindsay Vonn the Olympic champion skier who charged the hill with reckless abandon and passion for her sport. Even though severe injuries sidelined her, she overcame her fear and doubt and fiercely followed her dream and kept skiing with pure tenacity. Second, I relayed that I look up to Oprah Winfrey for her ability to connect and communicate. She has intelligence and can articulate her thoughts with grace. And third, I have always revered Mother Theresa. For me, she embodies love, selflessness, and compassion. If the world could learn from her teachings and life it surely would be a better place.

My advisor told me to get to the studio early, light a candle and call in the “essence” of these three role models of mine. She told me I could ask them to be with me as I guide and lead this workshop. It gave me great confidence when preparing for my workshop and helped me feel supported to help deliver the class I wanted to bring to those who attended.

To my surprise, the workshop was full! The space was full of loving, nurturing and open women. 27 women showed up, some even brought their young daughters to be inspired to delineate their dreams! I was so happy and surprised to see each smile and each person that came on that cold and dreary January day.

We began with a guided meditation led by my yoga friend Kelsey. Then I spoke about my vision for creating Stand UP. I told the group how I was inspired to build a community of active people who wanted to integrate their mind,body and soul. I want to help others create time for self care and break down barriers and build empowerment by trying something new. I shared how I have used the method of vision boards to create positive change in my life. As we all collectively, searched for images that resonated with our dreams, we listened to music and methodically cut out image sand glued them to a collage of hope, I knew we were all connected. That common thread of hope and dreams, as diverse as all the boards were, was fluid and connected. The positive energy flowed through everyone attending and it filled my soul. The energy in that room was so beautiful!

The next day, a dear friend called me to tell me how much she and her daughter enjoyed attending the workshop. She relayed that they felt more connected to each other through that activity and had a great experience. She told me she was inspired by my ability to lead the workshop. She said to me, “you are gonna think this is funny, but you know who you reminded me of?” I said, “who?” She responded “Mother Theresa”. Well, you could’ve knocked me over with a feather!!! Never in my wildest dreams would I ever think that I would be associated with Mother Theresa!!!! I am not sure where she would connect the two of us, but I have to believe that there was a divine connection to her because I called her essence in to support me. It still gives me goosebumps to think about that serendipitous coincidence. What are the chances? Anyone who knows me, knows I am certainly no saint! 😂 But, what I do know is the power of positive thinking can create a life of joy and fulfillment. When you ask the universe to support your positive outlook, it will conspire with you to help you create a fulfilled life. You will be in the flow.

Weeks after the vision board event, I would sit with my board and contemplate the beauty of the board I created. The images were synchronistic and meaningful. I had images of gathering energy, community, beaches, activity, personal growth, oceans and get this….island life. One afternoon, while scrolling through my Instagram feed I noticed an image that resonated with me. It was a picture of the owner of the yoga studio on a raft in the most beautiful, blue water I had EVER seen. It looked like heaven. I said to myself, “I want to go there!” So I looked at the location and it said Baker’s Bay Bahamas. After a quick google search, I found the website. While scrolling through I noticed the careers section of the resort. An intuitive sense told me to look. They were looking for a Pre-Construction Director at that resort. My husband, Jimbo had been on a job search for a while so I sent him the post. On a whim, he applied for the position. It has always been our collective desire to live the Caribbean island life. Never in a million years did we think that dream, that vision,  could come true…

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