The Invisible String

Just before we moved to the Bahamas, a friend of mine asked how my nine year old son, Wolfi was doing with the transition. I told her, he was one part excited and one part nervous. Mostly, he was upset about having to leave his friends whom he held so dear to his heart. Like his Mom and Dad, he places great value in his friendships. He knows you have to foster and cultivate your friendships as they are delicate and valuable. He loves the companionship of others and he feared living on an island, he would lose contact with his dear ones. Luckily for him, he is growing up in a generation where we can have instant connectivity through real time chats via the web, emails, and texts. But even that didn’t give him the comfort he was seeking. How can you replace that connection you feel when you aren’t face to face? My friend suggested the book The Invisible String a heart warming children’s story that tells how no matter the distance, you will always be connected to your friends through the Invisible String of Love.

“Even though you cannot see the Invisible String with your own eyes, you can feel it with your heart and know you are always connected to those you love.” The mom in the book tells the child that whenever they are missing someone, they can tug on the invisible string and the love travels along the string and that it will give a little tug on the heart of the person they are connected to through love. Just as you will feel it in your heart,when someone gives a tug on their Invisible String.

What a beautiful concept! Yes, we are all connected. Our invisible strings can reach all the expanses. Even across the Atlantic ocean to an island. They can even reach to Heaven. They can contract and expand as long as you need them to and will always be there. You just have to always trust and believe in that connection and no matter what, it will be there for you, anchoring you to love.

Speaking of connection and love, in the past year or so, I have been working on my Spirituality. Both Jim and I decided to make a conscious decision to find a deeper connection with our spirituality. In the process, we have uncovered that we are Divinely connected. When you open yourself up to the power and connection to the Universe, you know you are always held. Though the connection to the Divine, we all have the power to manifest. It is up to us to unleash that power within us and open ourselves up to the richer experiences that life has in store for us. Moving along a path where we learn to dance with Life, go with the ebb and flow of our human existence and most of all feel connected and supported by that great power around us (God, Oneness, Spirit, The Universe whatever your name for it may be). No matter where you are on your spiritual path here are five signs that should remind you that you are divinely connected.

1. Synchronicities

These are the moments of meaningful coincidence, or as they often say, things you cannot make up. Nothing is by accident, it is the higher organizing Power making it a reality. I love the magical power of synchronicity. Particularly, when you need help with something or information, then POOF! There it is popping into your reality to show you the way.

My favorite story of synchronicity was when we were traveling in Maui for vacation. We had journeyed to the surf town Paia to meet with another paddle board yoga instructor I had met the night before, who was hosting a “pop-up shop” for women entrepreneurs of the island. When I told her about Stand UP Paddle Club, she invited me to come and meet other women who empower each other for growth. When we arrived, they were just setting up, so she asked if we could “kill time” and wander about the town until they were ready.

So Jim, Wolfi and I walked through town. We stumbled upon the beautiful Maui Dharma Center with a beautiful white structure adorned with Tibetan Flags called the Stupa. A Stupa is a traditional Buddhist outdoor shrine and symbolized Enlightened Mind. It is a sacred spiritual reminder of love, peace, faith and prayer. A Stupa is a teaching without words a place to offer prayer, mantra, affirmations and spiritual hope. Stupas enrich our lives the community and the world environment with healing love, harmony, vitality, peace and prosperity. Inside the stupa is a beautiful Prayer Wheel. When you walk clockwise, turning the prayer wheel, you offer your spiritual hope and prayer. A Bell rings with each round. It is believed, that as the wheel turns, millions of prayers written contained in the golden wheel will go out into the world and give blessings of love and peace to the environment and all beings. The reminder “turn the wheel and send your love” really resonated with me. What a beautiful experience! We each took a turn circling the Prayer Wheel at the Maui Dharma Center offering our intentions and prayers. First Wolfi, then Jim, then I walked with the wheel setting our intentions and prayers into the Universe. I prayed for COURAGE as I methodically spun the wheel. Knowing I was heading into a second season of my paddleboarding business, I needed to feel the support of courage to carry on.

Soon after exiting the Stupa, we met a man who lives in the Dharma Center. He asked us if we were from Chicago. How did he know?? Jimbo’s Cubs hat was the giveaway 😂 Turns out he was originally from Crystal Lake, Illinois. Just a few towns from where we live on Diamond Lake. He kindly offered to unlock the temple and allowed us into the space to meditate, pray and contemplate. It was a quiet and gentle moment. I told him we were not Buddhists, but he assured us that all were welcome to pray in the sacred space. The three of us entered the Temple. I immediately felt an uncanny whoosh of wind that spiraled from my feet around my body and out the top of my head. I must have made a funny look because he said to me “The Energy is pretty cool in here, huh?” yes, yes it was, I nodded. Wolfi remarked how peaceful it was and all three of us sat on the silk pillows to reflect, meditate and pray. Wolfi was seated at a spot that had a small bell in font of him. When he was finished meditating he lifted the bell and rang it signaling to Jim and I that he was finished.

We all exited the Temple feeling a sense of calm, grounded love. As we were walking through Paia, I glanced at a bulletin board outside of Mana Health Foodstore. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a “sign”. Imagine my surprise and amazement when I saw a photograph of the author of the book I chose to read while on our trip to Hawaii. The book is called, “Seat of the Soul” by Gary Zukav. He was giving a talk on Courage and Living Consciously that very night in Maui. That is pure synchronicity. I had just prayed for courage at the Stupa. Of course, I attended his talk that night and it awakened me in a way that I had never been before. He spoke about Authentic Power and aligning with your soul’s purpose. I arrived at the church early ” by accident” and ended up getting serendipitously to meet Gary and tell him how I was reading his book just at that very moment. There was no doubt that there was Divine connection leading me to that talk that evening.

2. Rainbows

Relfection and refraction of the sun’s ray’s in drops of rain? I guess there have always been rainbows 🌈 since the the beginning of time, when they appear they can be seen by everyone. But, does everyone notice their existence? In our busy lives we may indeed miss them. The more present we are with the beauty of the world around us, the more connected we are to nature. Rainbows seem to appear to me when I need them most. One appeared to us the day we arrived in Austin with a large group of friend’s to celebrate my friend JT. Her breast cancer was put into remission and her hard fought battle made her cancer free. She had been so brave and been through so much. So, we all found space and time in our hectic lives to travel to Austin for the weekend to celebrate her. It was a glorious sign that all is good. And all will be good.

Another rainbow also appeared over Diamond Lake on the last night I taught my Stand UP Paddle Club class. I almost didn’t book the class because my life had gotten so hectic with our move that I didn’t know if I would have the energy or the time. Something in my intuition told me to make space for this group to come. I am so glad that I did, the night was the perfect closure to Season 2 on Diamond Lake. The very season that I felt I needed courage to move forward with. The rainbow signaled to me that there is beauty behind every tumultuous storm

3. Repeating numbers

As I have adopted more spiritual practices into my life, I’m seeing repeated numbers more often when I glance at my clock. 11:11, 12:12, 4:44. Sometimes the numbers will be more prevalent for a few days or a week and then a different sequence will become more obvious. These angel numbers as they are known, simply remind us that there is more to Life than just our human form, they are messages that we need to become quiet and still to hear.

4. Signs

I have lost people I love dearly in my life. My two beautiful nephews, Hunter and Connor, my sassafrass friend Keely Yeager Decker, our dear brother /childhood friend Tim Eber, and most recently Jimbo’s college roommate Tom Toth and his family passed unexpectedly. Grief can overwhelm your spirit. It can take you to place where you feel like you are absolutely drowning in sorrow and despair. It comes rushing at you like a tidal wave with nothing to secure you or keep you afloat. That loss and emptiness creates a whole in your heart that cannot be filled… only be assuaged with the light and love of your memories. To process that grief, I create “signs” that my spirit is still very connected to the person that has left this plane of human existence. My friend Keely’s sign is a red Cardinal. She visits me sometimes by crashing into my windowpane (she was known to be hard headed and willful), or sitting in my apple blossom tree reminding me to be calm, and she even visited me in Maui on the anniversary of her passing. Who knew there we cardinals on Hawaiian islands? Apparently, they are, but only if you notice them…

The day before we got news of Tom’s unexpected passing, I attended a lecture of spiritual leader Eckhart Tolle. His talk was about the soul and our connectedness to it. He explained how all anxiety resides in thoughts about the past or future. He expounded on the serenity of living in the PRESENT with your presence. I loved his theory and was profoundly moved by his talk. I was quite skeptical though, thinking to myself, how can anyone be only present without thoughts of the past or thoughts about what is yet to come? When we heard the news that Tom and his family were killed in a tragic car accident, we were absolutely rocked. Shaken to the core. How can someone who lived life so fully, so lovingly, so vibrantly be here today then gone from us in an instant? I had to travel to Florida a few days after his passing and I was listening to the book “The Universe Has Got Your Back” by Gabrielle Bernstein. I sat on the seawall and watched a group of pelicans dance in the sky, dipping into the ocean, playing, frolicking, feeding themselves. I love pelicans because they are my sign connected to my Grandmother who loved them and took me to feed them when I visited her in Florida as a young girl. I felt so connected to her watching them fly around. I immediately got this knowing in my soul, as I watched the pelicans, that Tom lived an extraordinary life of happiness and joy. He had this uncanny sense of being so present, joyous, happy go lucky, and free spirited. He was PRESENT. Just as Meister Tolle was explaining was the key to enlightened life. I knew in my soul that Tom got “upleveled”. I had this feeling of knowingness wash over me that he was so present in his life as human, that he got to be risen to the next level of spirit. He didn’t have to go alone either, his joyful, present life also gave him the opportunity to take his entire family: his partner/wife, his two young, vibrant daughters and even his dog. I called my husband immediately blabbering on and on about Pelicans, and Tom and his spirit and getting “upleveled”. I wanted to explain to my husband that we cannot dwell in the sorrow of losing Tom and his family, but to rejoice in his Spirit. We should honor his memory by living our dreams, being PRESENT, opening ourselves to possibility. Jim might have thought I was losing my mind but he agreed that to honor Tom’s essence, we should find joy. That was, after all what he was all about.

Days upon my return from Florida, I still resonated with loving thought of the spirit living on in loving Grace, not just here in the human form, but for all eternity. My friend Lindsey called me and told me to get on my paddle board and head out to the lake…the most extraordinary thing was happening. First of all, I thought she might have lost her mind, it was 45 degrees and raining, why on Earth should I go out on the lake??? She exclaimed, “There is a flock of Pelicans on Diamond Lake!” What? How is that possible? Lindsey’s family had lived on Diamond Lake for generations and they had never seen pelicans on the lake. What were they there for? “You should see this, Krissy!” Lindsey implored. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I walked to the shore of the lake. There wasn’t just a few wayward pelicans floating on the surfaces of the cold lake waters. There were at least a hundred of them, beautiful white pelicans with brilliant orange beaks, taking over the northern waters in the drizzling cold, rain. I got goosebumps head to toe. Through my tears, I called Lindsey to tell her I had witnessed them too. I told her of my story of knowing our Spirit is eternal, and that we are so connected to those who have passed on. Pelicans, Cardinals, Pennies, Rainbows, Starfish, Butterflies are all signs I attach to those spirits I long to still be connected to. Do you have signs?

5. Out with the old and in with the new

This can be the painful part of our spiritual journey. Often, part of our growth means parting ways with friends and connections we have had in our life. It’s simply the change in vibration that means we don’t fit in where we used to before. The move away from what we had in our lives, is meant to move us towards what will support our growth going forward. It can feel messy in the middle, just before the new change appears.

We are divinely connected and supported in these changes and transitions. Like a Caterpillar to a Butterfly. What no longer serves us will appear less in our lives and the new comes in, supporting our growth and vibration. But no matter how far we go, travel, or grow we can all be connected to one another through the invisible string called LOVE.

“A human being is a part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feeling as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.”

— Albert Einstein

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4 thoughts on “The Invisible String

  1. Absolutely beautiful…..You are an amazing writer! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences. I have learned so much from you.


  2. Krissy, You have so many gifts. And you share them openly and lovingly with the world. Thank you for this. I will always have our day dates at Hansa, especially after your life changing trip to Hawaii in 2018, close to my heart. How you share, so heart centered, how you teach and communicate (brilliant writing), is a GIFT to this world, for real. KEEP SHOWING UP. We need you. LOVE YOU! SO happy we could speak face to face today. 🙂


  3. Love that Wolfi found the Invisible String to be helpful…love that book!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the beautiful recommendation


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