A Brave New World

“We are at the very beginning of time for the human race. It is not unreasonable that we grapple with problems. But there are tens of thousands of years in the future. Our responsibility is to do what we can, learn what we can, improve the solutions, and pass them on.”

Richard P. Feynman

It is now March 17th, 2020 a time where uncertainty and questioning has entered the world. A collective of humans are grappling with a new reality. A situation where we must chart new territories. A virus has entered the global scene and it is creating unrest, uncertainty and chaos.

Our family recently recovering from a catastrophic hurricane, is once again at the mercy of Mother Nature’s curve balls. We just made a brave move to another part of the world, a tiny island deep in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. We took a giant leap of faith to cross the globe and stake out a new life out in the beautiful Garden of Eden of Hawai’i.

On December 31st, our family decided to stay in for New Years Eve. Our emotions were still raw from a roller coaster of events: Evacuation from our beloved island, the impending storm that shredded our home into splinters, recovering in a friends home while working day and night to create a successful fundraiser for our island, a blind-sided lay off for my husband from his work, a consequent job search in several locations around the globe and then, when we finally moved back into our old house, we accepted an offer on our home on Diamond Lake days before Christmas. Our beloved home that sat empty for the entire duration of our time on Great Guana Cay, had finally sold.

Winter had settled in and we felt lost and confused on how to move forward, So I suggested to Jimbo and Wolfi that we each create a vision board of what we really wanted to do in the next chapter of our lives. So on New Years Eve as everyone else celebrated at parties and gatherings, our family pieced together a collage of what we desired for a new way of life.

New Years Day we sat on the couch, snuggled in with our family watching the football games play out on the television. We were all battling a cold virus that had us feeling like shut ins but that was okay. We had lost the desire to socialize. It felt inauthentic to laugh and play and act like our hearts were not heavy and that we felt so… unanchored. The days seemed to all blend to one. The holidays had come and gone, we were exhausted and our reality was setting in.

Jimbo approached me and stated, “I can’t live here anymore. I can’t wait for life to come to me anymore. I don’t like waiting for it to happen, I am ready to go. ” On Christmas Eve, he had got word that a job offer in Napa Valley was not going to go through. I told him that it was a blessing, it wasn’t what we really had wanted. I always say, “where the Lord closes a door, somehwere he opens a window.” He was frustrated with winter, his recent unemployment status , and the prospects of other pending job offers. He said, “We all want Hawaii. Why wait? I’m going.”

“What do you mean you are going?” I asked.

“Our house has sold. We have to move out and I don’t want to wait for the closing to move.” He stated bluntly. “I’m ready to start our next chapter, I want to get on with it.”

“But, you don’t have a job, how are we going to make this move across the globe? Away from all our friends and family, they are our security blanket.” I reminded him. “What if another job offer in the Caribbean comes through?”

But he was resolute, he had made up his mind. Apparently the vision board exercise solidified it in his mind. The Cayman Island job and the St Lucia prospect didn’t resonate with him. We had visited Oahu in November and we found the most amazing school for Wolfgang, Le Jardin Academy. I called this school the “UNICORN SCHOOL”. It was the most amazing school campus I had ever seen. It was an exquisite school hidden in a valley surrounded by mountains. The core philosophy of the school is to allow students to create their own sense of self through education that allows them to integrate critical thinking, independent learning through an inquiry cylce, creativity and exploration of world through travel and immersion. They emphaisze environmental conservation and encourage students to create passion projects where they deep dive into social and global issues and help to create and innovate new ideas and solutions. I was blown away when I visited the campus and immediately became enchanted with the students and the amazing staff. They have underwater robotics as a class, ukele for music and paddling for extra cirricular activites for cripes sake! The opportunites were boundless here and I couldn’t get that school off my mind. However, it is very expensive to attend, and neither Jim nor I had employment. How could we afford to send Wolfi? But as my mom always said to me, “Where there is a Will there is a Way”. AND I had put it on my vision board so it had to come true right?

Jim started his exit strategy. He began calling potential employers and telling him he was moving in 14 days and he would like to meet with them. In a weeks time, he lined up several meetings and interviews. He found a one bedroom studio to live in while he met with construction and development companies. He became a networking genius and knew that once he showed the gumption to move to the island it proved his potential and commitment to Hawaiian living and culture there was going to be plenty of opportunity.

So on January 23rd, my husband packed his belongings and moved to Oahu. No car, no job, no friends, no family. Just a few suitcases and a dream….

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